Joining a RingPlan Video Meeting

Joining a Live Meeting

When someone invites you to a meeting, you will receive a video meeting link. This can be sent to you manually by somebody via email or text message. This meeting may be live or it may be scheduled ahead of time.

Live Meeting

If a colleague sent you a meeting link to a live meeting, simply click on the link to join using your web browser.

RingPlan meeting link example:
RingPlan meeting screen

Joining a Scheduled Meeting

When a user schedules a meeting ahead of time, they have the option to add attendees. If you were added as an attendee, you will receive an invite via email from RingPlan Meet.

Step 1: Accept Invite

If you use Gmail or Outlook to manage your emails, you will be able to accept the invitation directly from your inbox.

Step 2: Join the Meeting

Meetings will be automatically added into your Gsuite or Outlook calendars when you accept a meeting invite. On the day of the meeting simply visit your calendar event, and click on the video meeting link.

Join the Meeting

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