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Letter of Responsible Organization (RESPORG)

Toll-Free Number Transfer

Porting Toll-Free Numbers

In order to transfer your current toll-free telephone numbers, please fill out the provided form.

Why is This Document Required?

Your prior service provider requires this letter as proof that you have explicitly authorized and requested that your current toll-free numbers be transferred to RingPlan.

Authorization For Toll-free Number Porting & Responsible Organization Transfer

IMPORTANT: After porting has completed, Customer is solely responsible for the cancellation and/or disconnection of any services associated with the losing carrier.

The undersigned Toll Free number holder (the “Holder”) does hereby appoint RESPORG ID QYR01 as the Responsible Organization for the Toll Free number(s) below:

Service Address

Billing Address

Toll-Free Phone Number(s) to Transfer (10 digits each, each phone number should be on a separate line):
Mark 'F' for fax numbers

By submitting the form above, I designate Zray Technologies, Inc. DBA “RingPlan”, or its designated agent to transfer my service from my current provider to RingPlan. By submitting the form above, I also authorize RingPlan, or its designated agent to transfer my current telephone number(s) so that RingPlan may provide its service. By submitting the form above, I also authorize Ringplan or its designated agent to obtain billing information, customer service records, and other network information required to provide me with RingPlan service. I understand that I may consult with RingPlan as to whether a fee will apply to the change. By submitting the form above, I also agree with all RingPlan’s Terms and Conditions as stated on www.ringplan.com.

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