Phones and So Much More.

Along with phone service, users can access video conferencing, text messaging, digital fax, and more, all from one dashboard.

RingPlan sets a new standard in our industry with a Fair Billing Policy, flat-rate pricing, ease of scalability, and U.S.-based customer support.

Phones and So Much More.Phones and So Much More.Phones and So Much More.

From Phone to Internet

A VoIP company at heart, RingPlan is the brainchild of Jake Hansen, President and founder of ZTelco Communications.

Since 2007, ZTelco has served the Southern California community with phone and fiber internet services, earning many loyal customers along the way.

A 5-Star rated provider, ZTelco was built on customer support.

From Phone to InternetFrom Phone to InternetFrom Phone to Internet

Lessons From Customer Support

Often stepping into the support role, Jake learned directly from customers what they really needed from a provider.

A developer by trade, he took what he learned and began developing a nation-wide platform that would address today’s top business concerns.

The platform became known as RingPlan.



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