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Setting Up Voicemail Cheat Sheet 2

Access your voicemail

Press the Voicemail Key button on your phone
some alt
some text
Or dial
from the keyboard

No password required when dialed from our extension.See our related document on ways to access your voicemail: https://support.ringplan.com/scp/faq.php?id=28

First Timers

A Wizard will walk you through
some text
  • Creating your unavailable greeting
  • Creating your bussy greeting
  • Recording your name
  • Setting your password

If you set your password to your extension number, the wizard will automatically run next time.Set it to something else.

Non-First Timers

At the main menu press
Record each of your greeting:
some text
  1. 1
    Creating your unavailable greeting
  2. 2
    Creating your bussy greeting
  3. 3
    Recording your name

Resources to help you get started