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Forward Calls to External Number

Miscellaneous Destinations

Forward calls to a miscellaneous destination


1. Log into your account by visiting https://my.ringplan.com

Log into your account by visiting my.ringplan.com

2. Open your DialPlan menu by navigating toPBXArrow Downand then click onDialplanfrom the dropdown menu.

From the open tabs selectMISCDESTS

Or click the link: https://my.ringplan.com/pbx/dialplan

From the open tabs select "MISCDESTS"

3. Click on+Add Misc Destination

Click on "+ Add Misc Destination"

4. Input theDescriptionsuch as “Bob Cell” and enter the destination phone number in theDialparameters field.

Input the "Description" such as “Bob Cell” and enter the destination phone number in the "Dial" parameters field.

Notice: Remove spaces and special characters when entering a phone number.
Phone numbers should include area code.

5. Now we must assign a phone number to route to your new Miscellaneous Destination created in steps 3 and 4.

Navigate toPBXArrow Downand from the submenu selectNumbers

Navigate to "PBX" and from the submenu select "Numbers"

6. Find the phone number you wish to forward. Hover over your phone number and click on thePencil IconPencil Iconthat appears in the right column to edit.

Click on the Pencil Icon that appears in the right column to edit

7. Set yourDestination TypeArrow DowntoMISCDEST

Set your "Destination Type" to "MISCDEST"

8. To set yourDestination Value, click on the dropdown menu and look for the name of your newMISCDESTcreated in step 4, for example “Bob Cell”

Click onSave

Click on "Save"

9. Make aBlue PhoneTest Callto the number to confirm it forwarded as expected.

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