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RingPlan Wins Big with Kubernetes Cloud Phone Technology

With a tie game, five seconds on the clock, and everything on the line, who does everyone rely on to execute the big winning play?

It’s not the coach, they only call strategic plays from the sidelines. 

On the field, it’s the quarterback who ultimately makes the tactical last-minute decisions in real-time.

Whereas in football the goal is to get the ball across the field, with RingPlan, the goal is to ensure you have the best possible call experience as voice data is transmitted back and forth on a digital network.

When it Comes to RingPlan VoIP Technology, RingPlan’s Quarterback is Kubernetes Cloud

Kubernetes is an open-source system to deploy, scale, and manage phone applications like the RingPlan Business Phone app

It is used to create applications that are easy to manage and deploy anywhere on the cloud. It’s the same technology used by industry giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Kubernetes is often referred to as Google Kubernetes Engine aka GKE, aka K8, and is used by several major VoIP providers.

GKE deploys your app throughout the web via DNS using an ultra-efficient infrastructure made up of pods, clusters of master nodes, worker nodes, and a control plane that controls how everything works by allocating, scheduling, and managing how information is transmitted.

What Does Kubernetes Do?

Kubernetes automatically adjusts the number of pods and nodes required to run a service like RingPlan and clusters them in the most efficient way possible. Kubernetes then packages these clusters to commute the information quickly and unpack it on the other end.   

The packing and unpacking of containers across complex local, and cloud-native applications is more efficient and provides a highly optimized app experience that easily scales up and down based on real-time demand. 

Why Should Customers Care About How Data is Organized?

How data is organized, packaged, and shipped matters because today’s market requires high-quality data in real-time.

When it comes to business phone service, high-quality, real-time data is translated into crystal-clear call quality. 

It prevents loss in call quality like jitter and delay, clear indicators of a bad connection.

How Does Kubernetes Improve Performance During a Call?

Kubernetes improves phone performance by removing performance bottlenecks occurring during a call, routing signals through the fastest channels available at the moment of initiating a call, and even during a call.

RingPlan Scales Up and Down – Live

Kubernetes maximizes phone call performance by activating data-center resources when necessary, adding server space, or even spinning up new servers during high demand; surplus servers are disconnected when demand is low.

By instantly scaling server space, RingPlan customers completely avoid paying for large amounts of server space and the high cost of maintaining it active 24/7, whether using it or not. 

RingPlan takes into account times when demand is low. Weekends, holidays, and late hours make up a large portion of the year. We then pass these savings onto our customers.

New Industry Standard

The Kubernetes Engine is the new industry standard for powering the future demands of application data.

With the use of industry-leading technology to guide our VoIP phone service framework, our customers are comfortable knowing we will be here to support their growing communication needs.


The Google Kubernetes Engine is powering the RingPlan phone app. Much like a quarterback getting the ball across the field, Kubernetes routes calls in real-time to deliver the best possible call quality. It allows RingPlan to easily scale up or down to meet real-time network demands. It does so by activating server resources in real-time to ensure phone communications keep the best possible quality, despite heavy usage. Scalability has allowed RingPlan customers to save money compared to traditional systems that require customers to pay peak-hour pricing, even during times of low phone usage.

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