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Contractors are Choosing Small Business VoIP Phone Systems to Manage Multiple Remote Projects

It’s easy to coast through our roads and cross some bridges while taking for granted how much communication went into building all of these small businesses.

One type of professional who never takes it for granted is the builder because they know how much goes into construction projects, and can cite their own phone bill as evidence. 

Contractors Have Always Worked Remote

Often on a mobile device, the builder is responsible for getting projects done and is always looking for ways to make things better, faster, and less expensive. 

A type of quarterback of sorts, the builder, also known as a General Contractor, or Construction Manager has to manage multiple teams and projects while working mostly from remote locations. 

For Each Project, a Contractor Often Manages:

  • Employees in the Field and in the Office
  • Vendors and Providers of Goods and Services
  • Sub Contractors and Building Specialists 
  • Other Managers
  • Clients
  • City and Government Agencies
  • Lawyers and Policy Makers

Remote Work Comes at a Cost

Communication is essential in this career to communicate with all involved entities, but it comes at a cost as managing multiple projects often requires lots of travel and lots of cell phone use. The result is a high cost of communication. 

Contractors looking for new phone plans and those looking for new construction phones are left with no choice but to consider new options when confronted with the high price tag. 

Options like a small businss VoIP phone system instead of, or in addition to cellular phones are becoming a viable alternative for today’s general contractor.

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RingPlan small business voip phone systems

Contractors Pay a High Cost of Doing Business

Constantly on a cell phone, contractors are often plagued by high cellular costs as they negotiate between clients, headquarters, and employees. 

The high costs involved, working in the field, leaves many coming to accept that the high cost is just a part of doing business. 

Today, communication technologies like innovative small business VoIP systems allow contractors to lower their phone cost by using internet data instead of cellular minutes. RingPlan does so while preserving your business phone number, extensions, and voicemail.

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A telephone, however, is just one tool in a contractor’s toolbox of communications.

A contractor, just like any business, will typically require a variety of tools for solving very specific concerns.

Many great tools have been designed to fulfill very specific needs, but managing them all is a headache. 

Today’s contractor is a business leader that subscribes to multiple services to facilitate communication including internet. The resulting system is expensive and hard to manage.

The resulting SOS, or “salad of services” leaves the user with  high costs as multiple tools means multiple bills.

It also means multiple systems to manage. Not to mention all the passwords to remember. Yikes! 

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An Integrated Solution for a Mobile Workforce


What if one tool existed that could provide all the services a contractor needs to run their business on the go?

RingPlan introduces a platform that includes a VoIP phone system and many other tools for managing a small business or enterprise:

  • Phone Service
    Professional VoIP PHone for your office and for each employee
  • Mobile App For WiFi Calling
    Phone app for your cell phone that used WiFi instead of cellular minutes
  • Video Conferencing
    Video meeting app to make video calls from anywhere
  • Digital Fax
    Digital, paperless fax solution that lets you print only what you need, when you need it
  • Text Messaging
    Group text messaging feature for improving your customer support
  • Group Chat
    Chat feature that lets you keep in touch with multiple teams whether in the office or in the field.  

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Managing a Modern Business with The Business Phone App

Contractors are running modern businesses, but their offices are often located in remote locations. They need communication solutions that compliment their mobile working style without breaking the bank.  

With alternatives to cellular use, RingPlan gives contractors the ability to make WiFi calls in addition to cellular calling when in the field, with the added benefit of integrating their business caller ID on each call. 

This benefit helps contractors who wish to avoid carrying multiple devices for personal, and business use. 

Instead of using their native dialer, contractors are now using the RingPlan Business Phone App to make business calls on their personal mobile device. 

The best part about it is that once they are a customer, they can add users to connect their entire workforce. 

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