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BACK TO BLOG LIST24 May, 2023 | automation, business apps, business text messaging, business texting, text messaging

Text from Computer: The Secret Weapon to More Leads, More Sales, and Better Customer Service via Text

Finding ways to communicate efficiently is difficult when you’re trying to keep conversations personal. That’s why RingPlan has added a text-from-computer feature on the RingPlan customer dashboard that keeps texting conversations organized.

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This feature is all about allowing your team to send and receive business text messages without being limited by a mobile device. Text messages are archived, searchable, and can be organized by teams so multiple people can respond if necessary.

Communicate one-on-one, or send mass text messages with RingPlan Text.

With RingPlan, you can send mass text messages legally because we verify your business and each text campaign with cellular providers to ensure safe delivery. Cellular providers are on the lookout for text messaging spam. Using our A2P (Automated to Peer) verification process, your business will be verified, and given a green light from top mobile carriers to send text messages to their customers.

Sending text messages in mass is relatively impossible on a mobile device unless you have all the time in the world.

Send Text Messages Faster from a Computer

Your first step to more efficient communications is simply, speed. Moving your text messaging communications from your phone up to your computer is step one. This is ultimately the fastest way to send text messages to multiple individuals.

Typing on a computer is much faster than fumbling on your phone’s keyboard. 

Increased Visibility with 98% Open Rates

If you’ve ever had a client or customer miss an important email, you know how crucial this is. It could be hours or days (if ever) before your contact sees and responds to your email. Texting cuts to the chase almost immediately. Various reports suggest text messages have the highest open rates in the industry; between 98-99% of all text messages are viewed, and at least 90% of those are viewed within the first few minutes they are received. CTIA 2022

Text messaging is also the number one most preferred method of communication for modern consumers. Customers in various industries continue to report they want to communicate through SMS. They also want the ability to reply to text messages and have conversations over text rather than a phone call or email.

Even though most people prefer text communications, only a small number of companies are actually using it. RingPlan makes this feature available on all Enterprise Plans.

Those who communicate better and faster get the results they are looking for.

Archive, Track, and Share Text Messages

Keeping the conversation going after your initial text is the second step in a successful texting campaign. When you send a lot of text messages, it’s hard to track those conversations. That’s why RingPlan allows you to search, archive, organize, and share your text messages with the appropriate people on your team so anyone can pick up where the last conversation ended. Learn more about collaborating with group text messaging.

With RingPlan you can also take advantage of automated solutions to send text messages when specific triggers are detected.

Think of the possibilities of integrating text messages with your existing ticket system to quickly communicate solutions to your customers.

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Connect Mobile Devices Under the Same Platform

Not always at your computer? Not a problem. After all, text messages were originally intended to be sent from peer-to-peer (P2P). That’s why RingPlan allows companies to connect all mobile devices to your platform.

You can still reply to text messages quickly when you’re out of the office. Those texts are still stored, categorized, and shared just like when you send a text from a computer. Pick up the conversation on any device.

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Workplace Benefits from Sending Text from a Computer

  • Text-enabled work phone numbers
  • Send/receive texts on your mobile device
  • Send/receive texts from your computer
  • Archived text messages for easy search
  • Categorize and share text conversations by team
  • Integrate text messages into existing systems
  • Great for collaboration
  • Connect mobile devices


Text messaging offers the most effective business communications with the highest open rates in the industry. RingPlan enables businesses to send text messages via computer to improve efficiency through team collaboration and search categorization. Send text messages in mass legally and safely with RingPlan’s A2P verification process with the largest mobile carriers in the world. Sending text messages via computer offers a higher level of efficiency when sending, but also when organizing and searching for past conversations.

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