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BACK TO BLOG LIST17 Oct, 2023 | business apps, business automation, business services, business suite, business tech, centralized communications, Collaboration, features, how to, innovation

Elevate Virtual Collaboration with the RingPlan Screen Share Feature: Draw on Shared Screens

Video meetings have become the go-to platform for collaborating with colleagues and clients. They offer a convenient way to connect and share information but also fall short when it comes to replicating the interactivity of in-person meetings.

We’ve taken virtual collaboration to a whole new level, making video meetings more valuable than ever before.

Introducing the RingPlan Meet’s new feature for shared screens. Users can now draw on the screen while others are presenting. This new feature is making it easier than ever to provide tangible feedback on all shared items.

Imagine, your entire team being able to provide pinpoint feedback on all items shared rather than trying to guide attendees’ eyes with only words.

Replicating In-Person Feedback in Virtual Meetings

Having to explain your feedback in video meetings can take time. Endless words are lost attempting to explain what others should be looking at. Cut that time short by using RingPlan’s drawing tool.

This feature perhaps comes the closest to replicating the dynamics of an in-person meeting by adding a way to provide direct feedback by drawing on someone’s screen.

In-person meetings give attendees the ability to point, draw, or write, we believe video meetings should do the same.

What’s Included:

This feature equips users with a convenient drawing tool that appears in their meeting toolbox when someone in the meeting enters share mode. This happens whether sharing a document, a web tab, or an entire screen within the RingPlan Meet app.

Attendees can use the drawing tool to highlight key points, sketch diagrams, or make temporary annotations. It boosts interactivity and promotes an engaging meeting experience.

Choose from a variety of default colors, or use a color picker to select specific web colors that fit the conversation, or choose a color that will make the feedback stand out.

Drawings are temporary, slowly fading away after a few seconds, letting the conversation proceed. This ensures that concerns are seen without getting in the way of the presentation taking place.

Imagine the time you will save when feedback is faster to communicate.

Businesses looking for more information about our Draw on Shared Screen feature can schedule a demo below:

A History of Industry Firsts

RingPlan is committed to innovation, and we’re making serious strides toward developing a worthwhile product. This commitment is pushing us further as a serious competitor in the ever-evolving telecom landscape.

This development comes on the heels of RingPlan Sidecar. A widget for advanced call automation. Unlike a standard sidecar, this one is for more than just shortcuts.

Using RingPlan Sidecar, users can program any series of automation sequences with a variety of given functions like dial, key-press, time delay, forward to extension, and much more. Each sequence can be launched with the press of a button. Learn more about Call Automation with Sidecar.


While video conferencing has exploded with more businesses using it than ever before, it still lacks in areas in-person meetings do not, specifically in how we offer feedback when others are presenting. RingPlan is taking it a step further than our competitors with a new feature that allows video meetings to more closely resemble the dynamics of an in-person meeting with Draw on Shared Screens. This drawing feature allows attendees to write on their screens when others are presenting, these drawings are visible for every attendee to see. This feature is activated when any user shares their screen. Whether sharing a document, a tab, or their entire screen, attendees can use the writing tool to draw and can choose from a variety of colors to write. All drawings disappear after a few seconds so the conversation can proceed. Imagine how much time can be saved when all feedback is more direct and to the point.

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