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Seamless Phone Transition: Phone System Checklist for Moving to a New Location

During a move or change in locations, nothing can be quite as stressful as a delayed phone installation. Avoid downtime by following this checklist.  

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Moving office locations is a complex endeavor for any business. Keeping digital communications up and running during this transition is a critical concern.

There’s a lot at stake and so many ways of getting it wrong. We’ve created a checklist that will show you the things you can do now to start preparing your phone system.

Prepare yourself, your VoIP phone system, and your provider

Whether you are an office manager, IT Professional, or CEO, this checklist will cover most of the items you must keep in mind when relocating, including how to notify your provider and what information to provide. 

Keep Your Phone System Up and Running to Avoid Downtime

Read the Summary below. Download the full list for more.

Key Tips You’ll Find Inside

  • Start Early: Begin the process well in advance to account for any unexpected delays. It typically takes 30-60 days minimum to properly plan a move.
  • Communication: Keep your team in the loop about the transition to minimize confusion.
  • Redundancy: Consider internet redundancy options for your new location.  With everything in the cloud, it makes sense to have a dual-homed redundant bandwidth solution in place.
  • Backup Plans: Have contingency plans in place for unexpected downtime during the transition. With the right cloud-based system, it’s possible to work from home if the office has an issue.
  • Employee Training: Empower your team with training to use the new system effectively.
  • Scalability: Choose solutions that can accommodate future growth to avoid frequent upgrades. You can’t grow your business without the right systems and structure.
  • Sitewalk: Do a site walk of your new location. Oftentimes times the new location will not have the cabling and infrastructure in place that you would need to support a network. Make sure you don’t find out after you’ve moved in.

Download the Full List

Information covered in our VoIP Phone System Relocation Checklist includes what you’ll need to give your current VoIP phone system provider, how to perform a network assessment, how to ensure E911 service continuity, how to perform a Quality Test, overviewing phone system installation, and much more. 

Explore the steps and considerations necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Every business is different, talk to us if you have specific concerns not covered in this download. 

Download the Checklist Above for Full Instructions on VoIP Phone System Transitions

Get these tips and more, reach out to your VoIP phone system provider and communicate your needs and requirements during the transition. 

If you’re already a RingPlan customer, contact us as soon as possible whether planning an office move now or into the future. 

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As you gear up for your office relocation, armed with actionable steps and insights, you’re well on your way to achieving a seamless transition. Be sure to follow the steps provided in the downloadable checklist to avoid downtime and loss of business. The reader must complete the form to access this information. Additional tips are included in this article, in-depth step-by-step instructions are available by downloading the VoIP Phone System Transition Checklist.

Ensure that your communication lines remain open, notify your provider with enough time and have the items covered in this checklist ready to discuss. 

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