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BACK TO BLOG LIST7 Jun, 2023 | HIPAA, telemedicine, UCaaS, unified communications

Safe Healthcare Communications with HIPAA-Compliance

Healthcare teams need to work closely to exchange information when providing quality care to their patients.

Effective communication is crucial in the healthcare industry

Today, it is common for patients to receive medical care from multiple providers in a combination of in-office and remote visits. If these providers fail to collaborate effectively, patients may face negative consequences. However, patient privacy is at risk during this collaborative process.

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Protecting Patient Privacy

HIPAA regulations aim to protect the confidentiality of patients’ private data and set a standard for communication among healthcare providers. 

Ensuring HIPAA compliance is essential to maintain the reputation of healthcare providers and preserve patient trust. Staying informed about changes in the law adds an extra burden to healthcare providers who primarily focus on patient care rather than public policy.

While the expectation for providers to follow HIPAA standards exist, there is no certification to ensure providers have a universal method to follow these regulations.

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Providers Turning to Unified Communications

Providers are left on their own to find a way to protect their patients. Given this challenge, utilizing a cloud communications platform can be a solution.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offers robust security measures to ensure protection out of the box.

Key security features include comprehensive layers of security; 24/7 monitoring; guaranteed service uptime; encryption using secure protocols; and system monitoring through firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and vulnerability scans.

RingPlan and HIPAA

RingPlan, a provider of unified communications, offers the highest level of physical and virtual security.

Hosted by Switch Networks, RingPlan’s platform is secure. 

Recognized as the world’s largest and most secure exascale data center ecosystem, Switch helps RingPlan go above and beyond what is expected from a UCaaS provider in helping meet HIPAA regulations.

RingPlan supports HIPAA compliance and aims to enhance patient and member experiences while reducing costs through advanced and secure cloud communications.

By leveraging communication and innovation, RingPlan assists healthcare organizations in improving collaboration, increasing productivity, and ultimately achieving better patient outcomes.

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With modern collaborative care means that patients must rely on multiple providers to share important information, there is no clear universal certification to help providers navigate public policy. Providers are having to turn to their own solutions to help bridge the gap and are finding Unified Communications as an answer. UCaaS services help healthcare providers through comprehensive layers of security including 24/7 monitoring, guaranteed uptime, encryption protocols, and system monitoring through firewalls, intrusion detection, and regular vulnerability scans. RingPlan takes it a step further by hosting their phone system on the most secure data centers on the planet.

To learn more about RingPlan, you can email or call 833-RINGPLAN (746-4752).

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