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BACK TO BLOG LIST29 Nov, 2023 | advanced tools, business apps, business phone automation, business tech, Cloud Solutions, Collaboration, innovation, Integrations, time saving, video conferencing

Launch Video Meetings from Google Calendar—RingPlan Integrations

RingPlan is giving busy individuals time back with this useful feature that reduces the steps it takes to schedule video meetings.

RingPlan is happy to announce its latest feature, designed with busy people in mind. By integrating Google Calendar with RingPlan Meet, users can now launch or schedule video meetings directly from their calendars. 

Digital Doorway Effect 

With so many things happening on a day-to-day basis, it is easy to get lost in our work and lose focus. This is especially the case when working with many tools and platforms. 

Much like going from room to room, switching from one task to another can often lead one to lose focus. 

In 2011, researchers from Notre Dame published their findings in the Journal of Experimental Psychology stating that memory is affected when walking through doorways. This is called the doorway effect. We argue the same thing happens digitally. 

If you find yourself often working with several user interfaces at once, you may have encountered a sudden loss of focus when launching a new program, or even when navigating browser windows or sifting through folders.

Much like the doorway effect, you can lose focus when jumping from one to another.

Eliminating Steps to Stay Focused

If this doesn’t sound familiar, congratulations, you have mastered digital multi-tasking. For the rest of us, we wish there was an easier way to get there.

That’s just one major reason why RingPlan’s new Google Calendar integration is welcomed news, it promotes focus by eliminating steps in the video meeting process.

Focus, of course, translates to time saved, which can easily translate into money earned.

RingPlan customers using Google don’t have to jump back and forth between their RingPlan portal and their calendar, checking for available time slots and searching for invitee emails.

Everything is available in one convenient view directly from their calendar. 

Activate the Integration

Users simply need to activate their integration, add the RingPlan-generated API key, and it’s done. With a click of a button, users can now launch a meeting or schedule a future one by finding an appropriate date, inviting others, and selecting RingPlan as their video conferencing choice.

This Feature is Now Live

RingPlan customers can activate this feature today by following the steps below:

  1. Visit your RingPlan portal at and navigate to the Apps menu. Select the Google Calendar add-on and install it to your Chrome browser. 
  2. Navigate to your account settings within your RingPlan portal and select the API Access tab. 
  3. Create a new API Key by clicking on +ADD API KEY. Provide a name for this API key and choose an expiration date, or check the box to remove the expiration date. Your new API key will appear below. Copy the API Key to your clipboard. 
  4. Navigate to your Google calendar. You will now see a RingPlan icon on the right side of your calendar. Click on this icon where you will be asked to enter your API user key and email address

Once activated, you can launch a live meeting directly by clicking on this icon on the right hand of your calendar screen, as shown in the image below. Just copy and share the meeting link to share with others:

To schedule a meeting, you can simply navigate to any future date, click on a time, invite others, select RingPlan from the video conferencing options, and click on Save. Invitees will receive your meeting link included in their calendar invites sent via email.

We hope you find this tool useful and easy to use. If you have any problems with the above instructions, please reach out to or submit a support ticket to have an agent walk you through these steps.


RingPlan is saving customers time by integrating RingPlan Meet video meetings with Google Calendar. This integration helps users avoid having to log into the RingPlan Portal and having to navigate back and forth between scheduling a meeting and looking for a date and time. Now, users can simply click to create a new Google Calendar Slot and look for RingPlan Meet as a dropdown option. A RingPlan video meeting is automatically generated and guests are sent an invitation. RingPlan customers will need to activate the Google Calendar plugin from the RingPlan portal located at The steps to activate this integration are provided.

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