A Smarter Way to Connect (8 min.)

RingPlan is a central communication system that lets your team connect from any location on any device using phone video, text, and chat.

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  • 1:00 - REPORTING

  • 1:10 - HOSTED PHONE

  • 1:36 - ADDING A USER









  • 5:55 - RINGPLAN TEXT

  • 6:38 - RINGPLAN FAX


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Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to RingPlan, my name is Marco 

I will be your tour guide today.

Today, I’m going to show you around the RingPlan portal to show you what it can do.

RingPlan is a central communications system that lets your team connect from any location on any device using phone, video, text, and chat. 

It’s a unified communications platform that provides the tools you need to communicate. 

This tour will only take 8 minutes,

Be sure to stick around and I will show you how to add phones and port your existing phone numbers over to RingPlan

Let’s get started by logging in. 

Let’s take a look at the dashboard to get you familiarized with the system.

The RingPlan dashboard is where you can get a bird’s eye view of your communications.

One of the first things you might notice is that you can track inbound and outbound calls, along with on-net and off-net calls.

You can also measure call performance by date range, simply select a date range to filter you data and see the results or export your data. 

RingPlan’s central feature is its hosted phone solution and your ability to manage it.

To connect via phone, users can download the RingPlan app, they can connect existing office phones, or can even order new phones from us. 

Connecting your team requires you to add a user, add an extension, and add your hardware. So let’s walk you through that process. 

First, lets see how easy it is to add users to your account and assign their permissions

From the users page, we can manage users to see all users currently on your account; we can easily add new users with the click of a button. 

Users are notified by email that they’ve been added to the phone system

They’ll be able to start using all the features available in your plan, right away. 

Easily add security levels to user accounts by managing user permissions 

You’ll be able to create new user groups and add users to each group.

Now that you’ve added employees and team members lets see how easy it is to add numbers.

Your numbers module is nested below your PBX menu. 

Here you will see a list of numbers currently in your system.

Easily add new numbers by clicking on +add numbers and select order to add a new number, or port to add your existing number from another provider.

Porting a local or toll-free number starts with a portability check. Users can use the provided field to initiate the porting process.

To add a new number, users can initiate the order process by conducting a search for available local and toll-free numbers.

Use the advanced search to hone in on that perfect number by searching using factors such as city, state, postal code, and more.

For example, we can search for numbers in the 619 area code, select a few numbers we like, add selected, and confirm your order.

You’ll need to assign a phone for each user. 

RingPlan allows you to connect any existing IP phone or mobile phone from your ‘hardware’ page inside your PBX folder.

This is very useful because it gives new life to your existing equipment.

Employees can even connect their personal mobile phones to avoid using cellular minutes when making company calls. 

The best part is that your customers don’t know the difference because the Caller ID and phone number remains the same.

If a user has downloaded the app, they will be able to answer that call, using an internet connection, rather than cellular minutes.

To set up, simply click on ‘+add phones’ and select whether you want to order a new phone or connect an existing phone by model number and MAC address. 

Now that we’ve got users, hardware and numbers, we can start putting it all together by creating our extensions. 

Extensions connect users with hardware and phone numbers. 

Add a new extension by navigating to Extensions from your PBX menu.

From here, click on +add extension  to create a new extension. 

Assign a user to the extension by adding their name, location, and selecting the user from the provided dropdown menu. 

Once saved, you can go back to your phone numbers and connect each to their corresponding extension.  

From your dashboard, or by clicking on the link “Apps,” you’ll be able to access any other feature currently available on your account. 

First of these features I’m going to show you is RingPlan Meet, 

Use RingPlan Meet to make and receive video conference calls. RingPlan Meet is a private and secure platform where you can invite others to join you via video. 

Schedule a meeting and add a title, date, and add your invitees. Those invited will receive a calendar invitation via email where they can respond to your invite.  

Starting a new meeting is also very easy. 

Create a new meeting link and share it with others. Others can join the meeting from most computer browsers, or from mobile device using the RingPlan Meet app. 

Much like other video conferencing platforms, we provide you with your favorite features like ‘blur my background’ ‘document sharing’ ‘record a call’ ‘speaker stats’ and more.  

With RingPlan meet you’ll be able to encrypt any meeting with end-to-end encryption. 

You can invite others to join directly from a meeting in-progress, and can even live stream your meetings. 

With RingPlan Meet you can access other advanced tools like RingPlan Text. Use RingPlan Text to send and receive text and multimedia messages with others. 

Imagine the possibilities of integrating group text messaging with your existing ticket system. You’ll be able to easily reach your customers on their mobile devices. Not just limited to SMS, RingPlan lets you attach multimedia files like images and videos.

With group text messaging, your communication can span beyond staff shifts as employees can easily continue a conversation started by a previous team member. Simply add another team member to the group and give them access.

Another handy feature is RingPlan Fax, with RingPlan fax, users can send and receive digital, paperless fax messages directly to their RingPlan portal. 

Use the RingPlan portal to save, sort, and print only critical documents. 

Simply upload an image or pdf file, enter your desired destination, and you’re all set.

Preview received fax messages and only download and print what you need.

Other notable features include an MS Teams and Salesforce integration giving users the ability to add a phone module to their MS Teams and Salesforce dashboards. 

RingPlan has a development roadmap and new features are being released regularly. 

That’s right, with RingPlan, your subscription only increases in value over time.

Finally, let’s talk about your dial plan. 

Dial Plans can be difficult, so we make the process as easy as possible. 

During your signup process you will receive a form that helps explain how dial plans are designed.

You will have a chance to review different templates, design your own dial plan, or migrate your existing dial plan to us. 

Let our experts implement your dial plan for you according to industry standards. 

You will see the results of your implemented dial plan here. 

That brings us to the end of our demo. If you would like to receive further explanation on how something works, or if you have custom needs not covered in this demo. Please reach out to demos@ringplan.com and a representative will contact you shortly after that. 

This has been Marco, your friendly RingPlan sales guy. I hope to hear from you soon.